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Wednesday, August 14

Have you ever wondered, dalam banyak2 kawan beratus2 follower, is there ONE of them yg sanggup teman kau menangis melalak nyanyi nyanyiii memalam buta just because you cant sleep? Fuh! gua salute lah kalau korang ada kawan yg cemni. Because what? me, myself nd I sendiri is not a good friend :") Me is unskilled to persuade my friend. ouh serious you'll be more stresser \ada ea ayat tu XD/ when you are down because I just can said "be patient dear friend, i know you're strong" nd blablabla. mesti kau boring dapat kawan mcam I. better stay away from me! dush dushhh *sound effect tknak kalah okayy!*

Dear YOU,

Thank you very much for those kind things you ever did to me. 
We laugh at the randomest things. You know my ugliest side. Nd I know yours ;p 
Even though we disagree sometimes, but we never argue. You understand me. 
When I'm sad, you will always there to make sure I am okay.
When I'm sick, you treat me well. 
You're not just my friend, you are my SOUL SISTER (;

I make mistakes. I know I am not perfect. Thats why Im thankful for the TRUE FRIEND who stick by me knowing who is me. Glad to have YOU. I know this entry is quite cliche, but who cares? As long as they never leaves me out of them, they will always be someone who I think my life is difference when they didn't exist. They are such my siblings too. 
LOVEнani wajihah 

Monday, August 12


Hello babyboo! okayy ckp pasal RAYA. I think lah, for me Hari Raya brought us many advantages Yelah kn, siapa yg rumah bersawang, langsir jarang tukar. carpet nd etc absolutely rumah yuolls akan bersih shining gilaaa bak hang XD am i right? haha. I wrote this based on my observation. myself. Fr exmple bilik I yg bersih lag suci murni tu, bila dah nk raya makin berkilat smpai berpinar mata yuolls tengok tau! Kipas air cond semua dibersihkan, langsir ditukarkan, segala legacy habuk2 pun dilesapkan. ecehh mcm berpantun lah pulok. hehee. For siapa yg ada kampung, ofcos lah parents nd yuolls akan pulang ke kg halaman nd pagi raya tu akan salam peluk cium nangis minta maaf di pagi raya tu. whoahh beshnyea!

Okay selain itu, \peh mcm bt krgn upsr pulok/ ,, time raya nilah peluang untuk collect duit raya banyak2. gila tk masyuk kn? conpem duet rayo den, duet rayo mu, duet rayo kito botingkek2 an? ahahaha. Yelah, parents mkcik pkcik uncle aunty jiran neighbours mesti bagi ye dak? Paling chinggeyyy pong limo hengget. Bayangkn satu rumah average rm5, kalau sepuluh buah rumah? doblas? tiga poloh? haa pepandai lah korg kira sendiri !! wkwkwk ^^ ni masing2 duet rayo dah banyak jgn lupalah utk buat amal jariah. tk perlu bnyak, cukup lah donate seploh ringgit kt nenek korg keh? warga2 emas yg korg jumpa otw pegi Jusco keh. Bila kita tngah masyukkk, time nilah nk bersedekah. tk rugi pun. tkkn muflis punya. I am guarantee (;

Bila mejelmanyea Syawal, segala cousin nd kaum kerabat you guyss akan berkumpul. From penang perak pahang kedah JOHO tengganu europe london australia nd all around the world lah senang cite! Haa time tu, hubungan/ukhwan kekeluargaan akan lebih utuh dan erat ^^ seronok kn bila jumpa, bergossip, storyy morryy pengalamn hidup korg time nk pegi USS! \okay merepek/ Mula2 jumpa memang lah shy shyy cat, once bila dah potpetpotpetblablabla, sayang nk berpisah kn? terpaksalah tnggu for the next hari rayaaa :")

So, saya rasa masih belum terlambat untuk mengucapkn Selamat Hari Rayaaaa!
May this Syawal brings us lots of joy nd blessed by Him 

Sunday, August 4

Trust me , if you're always up , there's chances to fall . Be humble . 
Don't step on other's head just because you think you're very goooood!

Saturday, July 27

Yesterday's storyyyyy

Alhamdulillah, thanks Allah. im so happy because finally we can having iftar together! (;

☮26July//seventeen ramadan
☮Sasa's restaurant PB


Melantak ke cemana ni guysss?  XD

Ze`girls  [[atok ambil gambar gegorrr la]]

one of my firuzian boy, Zulhelmi 

Your animation
"Anda mampu mengubahnya"

Saturday, July 20

twelve ramadan, yes we're in phase-two of Ramadan. Phase forgiveness from Allah SWT☺

Saturday, July 13

Let's !!

The prettiest smiles hide the deepest secrets ,
the prettiest eyes cried the most tears ,
the kindest hearts felt the most pain  

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Happy 5th ramadhan to all muslims! x

Wednesday, July 10

al-Mubarak x

I love Ramadhan because 

- muslims who never fasts  fasts 
- muslims who never prays  prays 
- muslims who never goes to masjid  goes 
- muslims who never reads quran  reads
- muslims who never wears hijab  wears
- nd etc ..................................  

Even its just a month but at least they can feel the SWEETNESS OF FAITH
May Allah bless us . Remember! Fasting is not about hungry nd thirsty semata-mata
It's about avoiding what's prohibited by HIM (:
Sucikn hati  moga dapat melatih diri kita menjadi insan yg lebih baik  
in syaa Allah x

Sunday, June 16

Friday, May 31

#69FactsAboutMe .. part II

33-Stylish  C(:
34-"Harini nk study lah :D" 3min later .. nk makan jap
35-Open minded person *winking*
36-Pretty liddat
37-Not either a good daugher sister or friends but trying to be the BEST!
38-Shoes size -> 4/5
39-Laziness tahap infinity -.-
40-Pemalu girl but once you know me .. crazy silly talkative funny is me xp
41-Tk jadi artis pun ada haters babe ^^
42-Craving for skinny , more higher
43-Suka salahkn diri sendiri ...
44-Wish that I can travel all around the world ;*
45-Not a kaki novel
46-Tidak berharap kpd lelaki semataaaa
47-Best girl win (!)
48-Say NOOOOO to mencarut maki hamun , come on we're girls
49-I am one in a million \unique katakau/
50-Kalau baring confirm2 tido punya lah ;)
51-I'm born on TwoMayNineteenNinetySeven
52-I loooovveee to swim
53-Enjoy much watching cartoons 
54-Imma have a car license when im turning seventeen
55-Pink is my fav colour , biasalah perempuan~
56-I'm a taurus
57-Staunch muslim  ameen (":
58-I dont like to read , say no to books
59-When i was kid im verryyyy good in drawing , colouring
60-Every Saturday i went to Aeon Tebrau but sometimes not ;p
61-Im not a gadget maniac person
62-Very not interested towards twitter
63-I'll clean up if the house look mess *pembersih katakau
64-I dont have fav artist or celebrity
65-Sangat menjaga keterampilan diri *not in sch yaa!
66-I am Johorean yaww [MALAYSIA]
67-My one nd only all time fav person is my beloved mmy , LM
68-My name is HANI WAJIHAH 
69-My fans means a lot to me xx

so if you wanna know anything else bout me , just add/follow meWelcome to The Smiley Guide! \look at the left side/
Smiley winkwinkwinkwinkwinkwinkwinkwinkwink

Thursday, May 30


1-Comels gilos naks dies
2-Tears are my bestfriend hahahati lembut der!
3-Touching bukan cara gua STAY COOL ;)
3-Kuat makan but have high metabolisme
4-Single but i am not alone
6-People always talking bout me...
5-Shorter than my adik x(
7-Havva big dreamsssssss
9-I care for my precious's
10-Ada problem diam2 jeh
11-Do not like prowler
13-Ketinggian bawah 165cm
14-Prefer mee than nasi :D
15-Strong girl !
17-Care on grammar wee
18-LIAH MAHMOOD's babyboo :*
19-Not kind of "ouh i cant live w/o you \boyf/" hell yaa ==
20-Love to collect shoes bags jeans nd etc
21-Lazy fat ass ;p
22-Proud to be me  syukran !
23-Forgiving person not like to dendam2 XD
24-Generous girl  in syaa Allah
26-Ailurophobia (fears of cat)
27-Go on if yuolls nk kutuk I cause I DONT CARE AT ALL ^^
28-Aristocrat ;) *winking*
29-Rabunz silauz
30-Sopan santun lemah lembut's girl
31-Not a camera maniac "but sometime I did  c:
32-Adorable be continued....

Kau hengat twitter jeh bole? Apadahal blog pun bole maa ;p

Saturday, May 25


"This movie neither enjoyable nor exciting" Eh ahaha tetibe sangat ni . tk bagi salam tk apa terus masuk line . haha okay , movie apa tu ? *curious* . At first we decided to went to CS but crowded of people make us changed mind :) So , Leisure Mall is the right place . Nk suruh hani bt conclusion ? Hello yuolls ingat ni Biology keapa nk bt conclusion bagai . Go ask your father lah to go to cinema nd watch FAST AND FURIOUS 6 .Yes it is , three words that I can say ...

[translate by google translate]
tk percaya ce cuba ce try ~

Hihi memandai reka tagline sendiri . Wuu fantastic baby! Okay apa kena mngena SANTAU dengan RUGI TAK TENGOK yg mende alah atas ni kn ? mesti yuolls tertanya2 ibarat menjawab paper chemistry an an an *question mark* Eceh siap nk tulis question mark tu padahal buat [?] pun dah memahami dn mencukupi . arm-boi kau , pnjang dah aku membebel tp korg still in the questionness  haha baik kau google perkataan tu confirm tkde punya ;p kfain kfainnn  back to the topic . santau ? seram en dengar perkataan tu  minta dijauhkan . Hehe jangan lah mara kalau hani nk cakap yg tkde kena mngena pun santau dengan shopping . shopping ? semua sedia maklum okay yg perempuan , shopping dan kebahagiaan memang tidak dapat dipisahkan weyy ! 

Gambar kt atas ni bole ditakrifkan cemana perempuan bila dah start shopping . smpai parcel dah berterabur , trolly dah penuh , purse dah nipis nd the shopaholic still wants to enjoy the happiness XD for example , myself . After done the movie , we went to Aeon Tebrau  kalau yuolls tktau search kt google maps . ahaha jadah menipu lah kalau Johorean tktau better you go to Afrika lah dear . k gurau jkjk . Dah smpai aeon tkkn lah nk window shopping jeh idok ? bak kata orang dolu2 KEMON LAH . then my sister nd I jalanjalan pusingpusing satu jusco nd start to shops . kalau bole semua benda nk beli even you have it already . eh apehal YOU pulak bukan I keh .. haha k lawak hambar  After finish , keluar jeh dari jusco then baru kita sedar "Whooooaw mcm bnyak pulak beli"  Ah ignore it , hatiku berbisik . ayat novel sangaaatt! nd then we realized that MYR200 ++ already gone . me was like "eh aku kena santau keapa cerita dia skrg ni" Hahaha yuolls dont be like us . jangan tiru aksi sebegini di rumah anda! awas! *fierce voice*


Sunday, May 19

Self reflection .

"Sedangkan Rasulullah SAW yg maksum  pun dibenci dihina dicaci , 
apatah lagi kita manusia biasa yg penuh khilaf dan dosa"

"Allah memberikan cubaan yg berat kepadaku kerana Dia percaya akan 
kemampuanku yg melebihi dari kepercayaanku terhadap diri ini sendiri"

"Kita semua sama di mata Allah , hanya amalan yg membezakan
jangan rasa diri terlalu bagus . Tiada yg sempurna"

Saturday, May 18

Go on if  YOU wanna talk bad behind me cause

 I guess 

I will 

not care 




Wednesday, May 15

Set alarm  Get up bright nd early Smiley Go outside  Walk fr ten minutes  Heaven nd early w/ no one around

Then get back home again  Having simple breakfast  Go upstairs  Turn on the shower  Wash hair w/ nice 

smell of  shampoo  Come out of the shower  Im smell pure clean sweet aromatic Put something nice on me, 

im done! Look very gorgeous ;p Go downstairs  I've already had breakfast  Get a glass of plain water  

Watching cartoon, online, do some works  Then I feel like to go for walk .. call my friends Smiley  They're all 

busy  Its okay Smileys  Spend some time w/ family  Spend some time outside  Shopping have dinner together 

nd went home at late night  This was wonderful  The sun might not be shining but yes I am Smiley Today was 

perfect  Today I am fcking happy  No tears  no hating no touching  Only loving  laughing nd happiness Smiley

Cause boredom are everywhere so i decided to make this!
Yeah my first short story ;p Enjoy yr reading guys! xoxo

Tuesday, May 14

Yuuuu evening ebelibadi! exam? Midyear exam?? hahahhahahahhahhahaha its fcking hard yolls ;( Socay lah just ignore it  Barang yg lepas no need to dikenang2 XD  ahaaks whatever lah but srsly my F4 life was miserable nd urgh *cant describe it*  So to adik adiks lower form, please APPRECIATE yr young age  ecehh cakap mcm acah acah dewasa sngat jeh ;p Haa dewasa gitu kauu! kelas! Appreciate it please, enjoy your life :p the lower form subjects are all such a piece of cake dear  Kalau dulu time form one two three tk dapat A dah frust gilos bebis  even dapat seventy something pun dah kecewa . But in my new life as upper form's student  lulus pun dah bersyukur sangat jah! hmm tp tknk lah setakat lulus kan? Tell me SIAPA TAKNAK that A+ ?!! Huu i bet semua orang nak . IDAMAN SETIAP PELAJAR :-) Semua orang yg berusaha in syaa Allah akan dapat apa yg diimpikan  Like an exmple , very simple exmple in life  If we're in hungry, kita semestinya berusaha sedaya upaya untuk cari makanan  Impossible lah nk tunggu jeh smpai ada orang yg nk suapkn .. yea this situation same as the life of students  If we're work more harder, focus 100% while learning session, make revision, understand all the new topics nd etc then WE WILL BE EXCELLENT STUDENT ^^  
Hope i'll be one of them aminn   J

Saturday, May 11

Everyday is mommy's day

EH what's happen today haa ? why with today ? Hahaha siapa yg tktau memang lah kn .. harus direjam :p 
Eh haha jkjk only  Btw today is MOTHERS DAY yuolls! For me everyday is mother's day  But on today , we celebrate dan raikannya. Bukankah ianya adalah sama -- uh whateverrr *gaya AA* Sooooooooooooooo SELAMAT HARI IBU i wanna wish to all mothers in the universe. You guys are the best nd the fabolous mom ^^ 


Ececeh mmy bolatkn mata lah XD Introduce .. *drum roll* tenenennenne
LiahMahmood , the best , toughest , strongest , prettiest , cutest , colls liddats mommy in the universe!
I am proud to be your comel angat angattt daughter  \cehh tknk kalah juga tuu =.=/

May Allah bless you always , thanks fr being the gorgeous fabolous ibu 
hanay cant imagine my life w/o youuu  You're my sunshine 

Friday, May 3

2May .

Alhamdulillah i'm officially sixteen now :") Thank you so much for those who wished me 
Thank you for all the presents .. nd the cake ! #iloveit #iloikeit
For my sixteen birthday , im just hope that all my dreams come true :D
Im always bless with good health nd all the postive one
Ebelibadi around me will aboveboard friends w/ me 
also havva good relationship w/ all the creatures  Ameen ..

Thursday, April 25

Cc; Fatin Razlina

Yes dear .. as you hope , i am reading these *tetibe sgtt* hee I know that you're strong enough to face all of these. Zeeq ! \shouting/ You're lucky to have Fatin in yr life , appreciate it or you'll die . I repeat .. you'll DIE ^^ Doesnt mean that she silence so you can ignore her sesuka hati you eakh zeeq! fierce hanay is fierce mwehehehehhehe. Everybody stands as she goes by cause they can see the flame that in her eyes watch her when shes lighting up the night .. nobody knows that shes a lonely girl nd its a lonely world .. but she gon't let it burn BABY BURN BABYYYYY . Err okay i think i'mma end up this entry so that the ridilicious eh sala salaa ridiculous not gonna be berleluasa . Eiyy meleweh haha kbye :-* waittttttttt! Nowadays TRUE FRIEND does not exist kowt .. depan baik belakang evil , tikam kawan sendiri , make a fuck*ngsh*t story bout OWN BESTFRIEND you knoww~ hmm im so pretty pity for her /= but for me , alhamdulillah i have really true friends who tcare of me very well . Hihii LOVE them ! May Allah blessing our friendship . Assalamualaikum :-)