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Saturday, May 11

Everyday is mommy's day

EH what's happen today haa ? why with today ? Hahaha siapa yg tktau memang lah kn .. harus direjam :p 
Eh haha jkjk only  Btw today is MOTHERS DAY yuolls! For me everyday is mother's day  But on today , we celebrate dan raikannya. Bukankah ianya adalah sama -- uh whateverrr *gaya AA* Sooooooooooooooo SELAMAT HARI IBU i wanna wish to all mothers in the universe. You guys are the best nd the fabolous mom ^^ 


Ececeh mmy bolatkn mata lah XD Introduce .. *drum roll* tenenennenne
LiahMahmood , the best , toughest , strongest , prettiest , cutest , colls liddats mommy in the universe!
I am proud to be your comel angat angattt daughter  \cehh tknk kalah juga tuu =.=/

May Allah bless you always , thanks fr being the gorgeous fabolous ibu 
hanay cant imagine my life w/o youuu  You're my sunshine