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Friday, May 31

#69FactsAboutMe .. part II

33-Stylish  C(:
34-"Harini nk study lah :D" 3min later .. nk makan jap
35-Open minded person *winking*
36-Pretty liddat
37-Not either a good daugher sister or friends but trying to be the BEST!
38-Shoes size -> 4/5
39-Laziness tahap infinity -.-
40-Pemalu girl but once you know me .. crazy silly talkative funny is me xp
41-Tk jadi artis pun ada haters babe ^^
42-Craving for skinny , more higher
43-Suka salahkn diri sendiri ...
44-Wish that I can travel all around the world ;*
45-Not a kaki novel
46-Tidak berharap kpd lelaki semataaaa
47-Best girl win (!)
48-Say NOOOOO to mencarut maki hamun , come on we're girls
49-I am one in a million \unique katakau/
50-Kalau baring confirm2 tido punya lah ;)
51-I'm born on TwoMayNineteenNinetySeven
52-I loooovveee to swim
53-Enjoy much watching cartoons 
54-Imma have a car license when im turning seventeen
55-Pink is my fav colour , biasalah perempuan~
56-I'm a taurus
57-Staunch muslim  ameen (":
58-I dont like to read , say no to books
59-When i was kid im verryyyy good in drawing , colouring
60-Every Saturday i went to Aeon Tebrau but sometimes not ;p
61-Im not a gadget maniac person
62-Very not interested towards twitter
63-I'll clean up if the house look mess *pembersih katakau
64-I dont have fav artist or celebrity
65-Sangat menjaga keterampilan diri *not in sch yaa!
66-I am Johorean yaww [MALAYSIA]
67-My one nd only all time fav person is my beloved mmy , LM
68-My name is HANI WAJIHAH 
69-My fans means a lot to me xx

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