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Thursday, May 30


1-Comels gilos naks dies
2-Tears are my bestfriend hahahati lembut der!
3-Touching bukan cara gua STAY COOL ;)
3-Kuat makan but have high metabolisme
4-Single but i am not alone
6-People always talking bout me...
5-Shorter than my adik x(
7-Havva big dreamsssssss
9-I care for my precious's
10-Ada problem diam2 jeh
11-Do not like prowler
13-Ketinggian bawah 165cm
14-Prefer mee than nasi :D
15-Strong girl !
17-Care on grammar wee
18-LIAH MAHMOOD's babyboo :*
19-Not kind of "ouh i cant live w/o you \boyf/" hell yaa ==
20-Love to collect shoes bags jeans nd etc
21-Lazy fat ass ;p
22-Proud to be me  syukran !
23-Forgiving person not like to dendam2 XD
24-Generous girl  in syaa Allah
26-Ailurophobia (fears of cat)
27-Go on if yuolls nk kutuk I cause I DONT CARE AT ALL ^^
28-Aristocrat ;) *winking*
29-Rabunz silauz
30-Sopan santun lemah lembut's girl
31-Not a camera maniac "but sometime I did  c:
32-Adorable be continued....

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