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Friday, April 5


#My pesbuk cover photo ;-D
hahaha I wonder why I have haters? Mybe its because Im fcking fabolous so that they can't be 
more like me. I never hate my haters but I respect them bcause they're the ones who think I am better than them ^^ Dont hate fr what you cant compete yuolls. I have my own life nd style, nd semestinyea I am..
COOL LIDDAT xx I dont care, i dont mind what other ppl talk bout meee. As long as I can control
my kesabaran, selagi itulah I'll not give any fvckingsht bout them ;-) Nd one more things!
The things you heard bout me could be true but then, it could be as
FAKE as that b*tch that told you XD
So please.. I am not trying to please you.. But its such a shame fr what YOU talk bout me
Thanks much cause transfer yr pahala to me! syukur alhamdulillah c: