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Thursday, April 25

Cc; Fatin Razlina

Yes dear .. as you hope , i am reading these *tetibe sgtt* hee I know that you're strong enough to face all of these. Zeeq ! \shouting/ You're lucky to have Fatin in yr life , appreciate it or you'll die . I repeat .. you'll DIE ^^ Doesnt mean that she silence so you can ignore her sesuka hati you eakh zeeq! fierce hanay is fierce mwehehehehhehe. Everybody stands as she goes by cause they can see the flame that in her eyes watch her when shes lighting up the night .. nobody knows that shes a lonely girl nd its a lonely world .. but she gon't let it burn BABY BURN BABYYYYY . Err okay i think i'mma end up this entry so that the ridilicious eh sala salaa ridiculous not gonna be berleluasa . Eiyy meleweh haha kbye :-* waittttttttt! Nowadays TRUE FRIEND does not exist kowt .. depan baik belakang evil , tikam kawan sendiri , make a fuck*ngsh*t story bout OWN BESTFRIEND you knoww~ hmm im so pretty pity for her /= but for me , alhamdulillah i have really true friends who tcare of me very well . Hihii LOVE them ! May Allah blessing our friendship . Assalamualaikum :-)