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Wednesday, August 14

Have you ever wondered, dalam banyak2 kawan beratus2 follower, is there ONE of them yg sanggup teman kau menangis melalak nyanyi nyanyiii memalam buta just because you cant sleep? Fuh! gua salute lah kalau korang ada kawan yg cemni. Because what? me, myself nd I sendiri is not a good friend :") Me is unskilled to persuade my friend. ouh serious you'll be more stresser \ada ea ayat tu XD/ when you are down because I just can said "be patient dear friend, i know you're strong" nd blablabla. mesti kau boring dapat kawan mcam I. better stay away from me! dush dushhh *sound effect tknak kalah okayy!*

Dear YOU,

Thank you very much for those kind things you ever did to me. 
We laugh at the randomest things. You know my ugliest side. Nd I know yours ;p 
Even though we disagree sometimes, but we never argue. You understand me. 
When I'm sad, you will always there to make sure I am okay.
When I'm sick, you treat me well. 
You're not just my friend, you are my SOUL SISTER (;

I make mistakes. I know I am not perfect. Thats why Im thankful for the TRUE FRIEND who stick by me knowing who is me. Glad to have YOU. I know this entry is quite cliche, but who cares? As long as they never leaves me out of them, they will always be someone who I think my life is difference when they didn't exist. They are such my siblings too. 
LOVEнani wajihah